The pelicans like the new built platforms


This weekend got a great joy for the Salt of Life project team because the platforms we made in November together with BSPB were occupied by dozens of Dalmatian pelicans. In the next few days, the White Pelicans attacked the new quarters.

At this moment in the southern part of Atanasovsko Lake there are over 200 pelicans – White and Dalmatian, who spend the whole day on the platforms or floating in the waters. Most likely, with the opening of the sluices connecting the lake with the sea, there are a lot of fish that kept the birds in the salt lake instead of flying to Vaya and Mandra.

The camera we put on the newly built platforms allows us 24 hours to watch what's happening and how these big and very impressive birds spend their time. 80% of their time goes into fixing the toilet – especially the Dalmatian Pelicans. We still have technical difficulties with the direct broadcasting of the camera online, but we are recording short clips that we publish here and on facebook and that allow us to watch together the most interesting moments of these big and very beautiful birds.