The children of "Maria Montessori" school celebrated the Black Sea Day at Atanasovsko Lake


The children from the private primary school "Dr. Maria Montessori" Burgas visited Atanasovsko Lake and the Avocet Trail where they chose to celebrate the International Black Sea Day. The event was attended by the representatives of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and RIEW-Bourgas.

The children had prepared a rich program, including a recital, a presentation about the peculiarities of our sea, and the most serious threats to it. As an illustrative material, they produced a color map that surpassed the printed one that we had prepared for them. Part of the program was the exciting performance of Toni Dimitrova's famous Burgas song "Ah, the Sea", which excites all of us.

We, on the other hand, have returned the gesture with live observation of the Great Flamingos that still living in the southern part of the lake, as well as small symbolic gifts for children.

At the initiative of the school, the celebration ended with the cleaning of the bypass canal of Atanasovsko Lake, which flows directly into the Black Sea and whose shores are heavily polluted mainly by plastic waste from the fishermen who regularly visit it.

We recall that the children of the private school "Maria Montessori" - Burgas are the only ones that have passed through the whole educational program for Atanasovsko Lake and have received special diplomas. The next visit of the the team of Salt of Life project will be at the children's school, where we will produce bird feeders together.

The International Black Sea Day - October 31st marks the twenty-first anniversary of the Black Sea Strategic Plan. This document is a symbol of the hope for a better future for 16 million people from six countries inhabiting its coastline and embodies the commitment of governments in the region to serious action and real results in efforts to rebuild and protect the Black Sea.