Perhaps the largest group of people inspired by the lake are the photographers and this is not accidental - the lake attracts with its colors, salt, strange infrastructure, pools divided by dykes, islands and dikes filled with birds, plants, amazing sunsets and fiery sunrises. The lake is magic. That's why photographers who are fascinated, captivated and enchanted by it are becoming more and more who come again and again. We are happy that the number of Burgas photographers is growing, and they find their inspiration in the lake.

If you would like to present yourself and your photographs taken at Atanasovsko Lake, you can send us up to 3 photos at with your name and link to a place where you can see it from your work.

Spas Uzunov

Diana Pavlova

Bogdan Boev

Ivaylo Zafirov

Zhecho Planinski

Didi Andreeva

Svetoslav Spasov

Boyko Neov

Georgi St.Ivanov

Atanas Hristov