Layman's report of the Salt of Life project
If you are interested in reading briefly what our team has done for 6 years for the Atanasovsko lake coastal lagoon - download this brochure (available in Bulgarian and English) or look for a paper copy. In LIFE + environment, this report is known as the Layman's report and ...
Miss and Mister Salty mud are searching for the Salt Festival
On 10th of August at 19.30, near the pools of healing lye and mud of Atanasovsko Lake will take place the fun contest "Miss and Mr. Salty Mud", which will include citizens and guests of Burgas regardless of their age, sex and education. The only requirement by the organizers of the Salt of Life project, LIFE +, is to be artistically painted with mud from the lake and to be attractive to the improvised scene of the competition.
The sixth edition of the “Salt of life” festival will be on 10th of August
The sixth edition of the “Salt of life” festival is happening this year on 10th of August – Friday, from 4 pm to 11 pm. We are going to be sаltworkers for a day again, have mud baths, take part in workshops and have fun, see exhibitions, listen to music. We’ll experience something special and become a part of the “Salt tale” about the birds, the lake and the people…
Salinas under Threat
In many places in Europe, Salinas are vulnerable and threatened with destruction. Support our colleagues from Montenegro and sign up for the PETITION to save their salt marshes and announce them as a Nature Park.
An unforgattable Natura 2000 Day in Burgas
  • 05/24/2018