Is the future of Atanasovsko lake a pink?
Climate change is one of the reasons why Atanasovsko lake has become a home for unusual species that were rare and exotic only a few years ago. This is the case with the flamingo, which in autumn reached a record of 66 birds in South Atanasovsko Lake. Yes, the future that is set is pink, but is it really pink ?!
The Thematic Conference on the International Black Sea Day - October 31 was held today at the Flora Exposition Center in the presence of representatives of various stakeholders - parliament, local authorities, state-owned enterprises, scientific and state institutions, non-governmental organizations.
Polish LIFE project visited Burgas area
A group of 8 Polish colleagues working on the project "Protecting the White Stork in the Eastern Poland River Valley" / LIFE15 NAT / PL / 000728 visited the Salt of Life project area and met the work and achievements of its Bulgarian counterparts. The group included representatives of the leading organization - the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (PTOP), as well as the partners - the Biebrza National Park and Łomża Landscape Park.
The pelicans like the new built platforms
This weekend got a great joy for the Salt of Life project team because the platforms we made in November together with BSPB were occupied by dozens of Dalmatian pelicans. In the next few days, the White Pelicans attacked the new quarters.

90 children from 9 kinder gardens and schools in Burgas defiled during the Biodiversity Carnival
This year the summer scene “The Snail” brought together extremely artistic and masterful costumes of various inhabitants of the Living Nature of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Burgas Municipality, Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water (RIEW) - Burgas together with all the participants created a colorful nature conservation celebration. The delicious part was provided by the friends from Pobeda JSC, a company that each year supports the Carnival.