The Flower of Salt is the accent of the first edition of Hunters of Food TV show
BTV started a new interesting culinary show – Hunters of Food. Two cooks from Master Chef – Andre Tokev and Sabin Rankov visit various regions in Bulgaria, looking for the traditional product, tastes, recipes and natural recourses of our country. The newest product from the salinas-a flower of salt was presented in the first edition of the show.
The photo traps in Atanassovsko Lake showed, that this protection device is successful during this nesting period
Photo traps were tested this season at the two key dikes, where the birds in the lake nest. The result is more than promising – after several years of serous invasion of predators in the key colonies, this season their number is relatively low, showing that the system is successful. The photo traps were bought by BFB within the Islands of Hope project, supported by the Community Board of Telus International Europe.
Successes at the National competition for natural sciencies
The XV National competition for natural sciencies and ecology took place in the town of Sopot. It included preparation and presentation of projects about the problems of the Natural Sciencies and Ecology cultural-educational program . A team from Burgas participated in the competition, which performed excellent, taking a 4th place in the highly competitive contest.
  • 10/20/2016
Genereal meeting of Life Projects
On the 13th of October, 2016, an annual meeting of the Bulgarian Projects of EU Life Programme was held in Bojura locality near Sredec. The host were the Executive Agency of Forests and their project Protection key forest habitats of the Lesser Spotted Eagle in Bulgaria. There was also on the field visit of the representatives of EC (together with EVN project).
What is this night migration?!
The main topic of the Salt festival, held this in August’16 was migration. Most of the events were dedicated to the urge or cause, which make the birds, insects and other animals to pass great distances, looking for the best place for reproduction and survival. The migration theme continues to occupy the attention of the Salt of Life team, which invites the people of in Burgas to be involved in a night adventure near Atanassovsko Lake – an observation of the birds night migration.
  • 10/14/2016
Educational program was presented to the teachers of natural sciencies
  • 09/30/2016
The new school year also begins at the Atanasovsko Lake
The visits of groups of school boys and girls, as well as kinder gardens start from today. They come to see Atanas the Avocet and its family. The children from Golden Key kindergarden will visit the Avocet Trail will play and observe some of the bird inhabitants of the lagoon.
  • 09/28/2016
Winners in the Festival in a Frame photo contest
Festival in a Frame photo contest, dedicated to the Festival of Salt 2016 ended. We would like to thank all participants, which sent us their inspiring photos, taken directly from the events or the lake, which was the main reason the festival happened. The contest jury reviewed carefully all photos and took the following decision:
Mahmud Monem’s (28 years of age from Burgas) photo, taken from the air, where the small dots are the sea gulls. Mahmud also sent us several amazing shots, most probably taken by a drone. 

  • 09/16/2016