Even the bus stops help to protect Bourgas as town of lakes
The bus stops in Bourgas help to protect the town of lakes. They are decorated with images of Eurasian Spoonbills, Pied Avocets, Black-winged stilts, Ferruginous ducks and many other winged inhabitants of the lakes as well as impressive sceneries form Vaya, Atanassovsko Lake and protected area “Poda”.
See the photos from the Salt of Life Festival
With some delay, but with a large amount of pictures - you can immerse yourself in the first edition of the Festival of salt, which happened on the shores of the lagoon in a sunny and almost not windy afternoon of August.
Bike tour with 33 findings for the 33 Anniversary of Atanasovsko Lake Reserve
On the occasion of the birthday of the lake, on August 12, we invite everyone who did not know it very well and want to ride around it to join in the bike tour which we organize from the Beach parking to the Point. The proposed route runs along the coast of the southern salt pans, under Sarafovo road all the way to North Salinas and "the Point" for bird migration observation. There, on the birthday as a birthday, everyone will eat unusual cake, but no candles we will blow.
he harvest of the fields in the Natura zone of Atanasovsko Lake precedes the "harvest" of salt
Atanasovsko Lake area is a Special Protected Area, part of the European Natura 2000 network. Except the whole area of the lake, also 45% of the protected area is arable land. Protected area is under high pressure due to its proximity to the second largest city on the Black Sea coast - Burgas and international airport located east of the lake. Kyusheto area bounded between the southern part of the lake and the sea is also within the Natura zone Atanasovsko Lake.
Burgas has been unbelievable during the recent years and many things have been happening there. All the time. Things we would have thought impossible five years ago. May be this is the reason why when the Mayor announced all of a sudden in mid January 2013 that an oceanarium, a dolphinarium and even a tropical forest will be built in Burgas, no one found this all that strange or impossible.
A play for the Bourgas Lakes
The play is performed by talented dancers and actors from "Dune" and "Talantino" thanks to the enthusiasm of our partners and friends of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) and courtesy of the Municipality. Admission is free. The premiere was a special gift from BSPB event 25th birthday of the Company for all friends and lovers of birds.
Lecture for Atanasovsko Lake
The Project representatives gave a lecture on Atanasovsko lake in "L.Karavelov" school where the students made experiments with seawater.
Seminar for welands management and good practices in Pomorie

"Green Balkans" Society organized two-days seminar in Pomorie to exchange experiences and best practices in the management of wetlands (April 16 - 17, 2013). The Salt of Life Project team participated in the seminar, as well as the colleagues from “The Life for the Burgas Lakes” Project, RIEW Burgas, students from University "Prof. Asen Zlatarov", scientists from BAS and others.