Conservation camp

Conservation camp 2016 - the assessment

Atanasovsko Lake: Reloaded - with new people, new islands but with small storks

Many new friends have Atanasovsko lake after the end of this year's nature conservation brigade, organized by the BSPB under the "Salt of Life" project. More than half of the volunteers involved were here for the first time and are now among the biggest fans of the lagoon, its birds and camp life, located on the meadow in the northern salinas of Burgas.

Among the new fans of the lake are high school students from Plovdiv, Sofia and Burgas, but also smaller participants coming from different parts of the country who were accompanied by their parents. The smallest of them, Orlin, only two years old, was with his parents, who for years supported the activities in favor of the lake. After the end of the nature conservation brigade, Burgas's salty lagoon has won many more hearts and hands, which will in the future maintain and restore the status of valuable places for rare and endangered bird species in which they nest, rearing, resting or eating.

What is the assesment - eight days passed through the camp, which involved building two new stony nesting platforms, sweeping old platforms and bulk islands from overgrown vegetation, and improving the nesting sites for birds living in the lake. One of the teams in the brigade took care of demontage of the protective structures built against predators in the spring that would hinder the repair of the dikes now. The metal fences and wooden poles that built up the system protecting the birds from the attacks of wandering dogs, cats and jackals were housed. The facilities will be re-set before the start of the new breeding season.

The most skilful and experienced people in the camp built a new bird-watching shelter because the old was wiped out by storms in the winter. Now the place known as the "Point" of which the autumn migration of birds has been observed for decades and which is visited by hundreds of foreigners has two arbors from which birds can be traced. Here, during the whole nature conservation brigade, young people learned to recognize birds in flight and in the form of flocks, as well as counting the flocks of storks, pelicans, oaks and others. flying over Burgas. Unfortunately, during the brigade, despite the great expectations, the peak of the storks (ie the day with the highest number of migratory birds) does not happen and now it remains for the birds of Burgas or those who are in the area to enjoy the huge flock in the coming days.

To the results of the brigade, achieved entirely with the volunteer work of the participants, we add the reed-cleaned pools in the Protected Site "Poda" as well as the cleaned terrain around the bird watching tower.

In the days devoted to the Atanasovsko lake, some of the girls and boys who came to help had the chance to participate in informal training to recognize the different species of fish found in the lagoon and in the pools of Poda. This has revealed a strange world for most people, as well as learning more about these protected areas commonly known to their birds.

The volunteers helped organize and run the Salt Festival and were the most enthusiastic during the Paraplanner concert in the Salt Hall. The award for all participants was also well deserved - an excursion to Irakli and a visit to Pomorie Lake Protected Site and great T-shirts with a special logo, invented by Dimo ​​Schehlarsky.

The Atanasovsko Lake Brigade created many new friendships and left a trail in the life of each of  the participants to return again and again in the same place and at the same time in August on the lagoon's shore.

The brigade is organized within the framework of the "Salt of Life" project implemented by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation in partnership with BSPB and Black Sea Salinas, LIFE + program of the EU.