Atanasov Day 2014

This year continues the tradition to celebrate St. Athanasius devoted to an unusual Name List - Atanasovsko lake. Will again gather in the casino to celebrate the feast of the lake. Team of the "salt of life" invites you on January 18 (Saturday) at 16:00 at "Georgi Baev" cultural center "Casino" (which will open specially for the holiday :)). In 2014 the project team acquainted the guests with the most interesting inhabitants of the lake - birds. See photos of Burgas photographer Nikolay Nedev the Gallery.

Information for the Birds in the lake is still in the late 19th century in the works of Hristovich D. (1890). Since then, many researchers, amateur ornithologists or just people who love nature, attended Atanasovsko lake and was admired for its incredible bird wealth. The list of bird species observed in the lake is constantly growing. So far there are over 318 identified species that migrate or winter nest. This is more than 70% of the birds found in Bulgaria, which puts lagoon lake Atanasovsko first among places for observation, research and conservation of birds.

Maybe most people have heard of the Dalmatian Pelican, Pygmy Cormorant, Mallard duck, goose. But who are the most characteristic birds of the lake, how to distinguish them when they come and how pass their days in our lake will be able to learn all the guests of honor of Dr. Svetla Dalakchieva - ornithologist and expert on the lake, responsible for conservation activities Project "salt of life". Special guest of the festival will be Ivelina Koleva, which two years working on the Shelter for bird watching in southern saltpans and will tell us interesting facts of his life with birds Atanasovsko lake.

The organizers have prepared various quizzes and games to test their knowledge of the participants and the effect of this impromptu "training" for the birds. All who are interested in the feathered inhabitants of the lake Atanasovsko are welcome. It is important that every citizen of Burgas can easily distinguish at least 10 bird species, since it is the birds are one of our greatest cause for pride - Burgas than anything else is the city of lakes and birds!

The project will take care to be as interesting for the kids and for older bird lovers and recognize that most species will receive a diploma from impromptu "training" for birds. In the tradition of Athanasius will draw a chicken with rice and tortillas riddled health, not to "punch" the children and flee diseases, especially smallpox, which now decorates the city.