90 children from 9 kinder gardens and schools in Burgas defiled during the Biodiversity Carnival


This year the summer scene “The Snail” brought together extremely artistic and masterful costumes of various inhabitants of the Living Nature of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Burgas Municipality, Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water (RIEW) - Burgas together with all the participants created a colorful nature conservation celebration. The delicious part was provided by the friends from Pobeda JSC, a company that each year supports the Carnival.
In 2017 the insects (ladybirds, butterflies, bugs) and frogs were predominant, instead of the birds that were the most numerous in other years. Jury members Milena Yarmova and Maria Andreeva from RIEW - Bourgas and Diyana Kostovska from BBF’s "Salt of Life" Project, carefully monitored the participants and identified the winners of the awards.

This year, the most spectacular costumes were prepared by the children from Izgrev Kinder garden, who won the overall prize with the four groups with which they presented themselves: the тhird group with the sculpture "We are nature" and costumes of Nature, cloud, bee, snail and birch. Little Andrea also won the individual prize for the original Snail cloth she had prepared with Mom.
Especially beautiful were the recycled costumes this year. The overall prize was won by the butterflies at L. Karavelov School, which performed a beautiful dance, and the individual awards went to the frog - a knight from the "Moryache" Kinder garden and the Hedgehog from Zvezditza Kinder garden.

The most artistic were the children from "Raina Knyaginya" Kinder garden with Ladybird's Dance and "Zvezditza" with Ladybird and Bugs Dance.
The most interesting dance was presented by the young swans from Vassil Levski Primary School - Gorno Ezerovo despite the problem with the music. They performed their dance and captivated the audience with their dairy costumes and feather crowns.

The prize for the smallest participant won 11 months Jaroslava Micova.
Students from the "Young Scientist" Club of Elin Pelin School presented their model of ecosystem - dead wood.

This year Mariana Valcheva who lead the carnival was incredible and managed to predispose every child on the stage to show his suit and everything he knows about the species he presents.
Each child received a package of eco-bag of cloth and stickers provided by RIEW Burgas, a magnet of Atanasovsko lake and salt packs from the Salt of Life project and sweets from Pobeda AD. The individual awards were colorful rucksacks for marches, filled with guides, a calendar, a bash with basil seeds, a badge, pencils, and so on.

We thank all the teachers and parents and especially the young artists who took part in the Carnival of Biodiversity and helped with a lot of color, mood and imagination to tell about the living nature of Bulgaria.

The Carnival of Biodiversity is organized within the framework of the "Salt of Life" project of BBF, funded by the LIFE + program of the European Union. This year it was dedicated to celebrating 25 years of LIFE programme, working to supports nature, the environment and climate action and the celebration of a quarter of a century since the adoption of the Habitats Directive and the Natura 2000 network. This was the reason the organizers to choose the "Living Nature of Bulgaria" as a carnival theme.

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We thank Stefan Todorov, who made wonderful pictures of the children.